Friday, 29 March 2013

Biggest Living Spider in the world-Camel Spiders

Biggest Spider in the World
World's largest Spider,Camel spiders were first found in the Middle East (Iraq) and also in sandy areas of the southwestern United States and Mexico.
Camel spider is generally appear during the spring and summer months because of the fact that they are afraid of the cold weather.
Biggest Spider in the World
They eat insects, scorpions, lizards or, and it is important to note that rarely hunt their prey, which is bigger than them. They usually kill their victims with the help of the chelicerae. Camel Spiders often overeat so swollen and almost unable to move.

Camel Spiders are usually beige to brown in color, and they have very hairy legs and body. Males are usually smaller than females, with longer legs.
Biggest Spider in the World
Biggest Living Spider in the world-Camel Spiders
They have eight legs and use only three pairs of them. But it doesn't make any difficulties for them to develop a speed about 10 meters per hour; this is the maximum speed up to which they can move. A camel spider can be 5-6 inches in length. They are nocturnal creatures, so they hunt at night and look for the shade during the day.Camel spiders are not dangerous for people.


technically camel spiders are not exactly arachnids. They're their own specific species that is blend of both scorpions and spiders. The largest ones you'll find are in the Middle East and the ones that live in the United States are relievely small.

The bottom picture is out of a syfy movie. Seriously!??

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10 meters per hour? Sounds about three orders of magnitude off.

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